Elena Goddard

January 16th, 2020 8:30pm   Stage


Elena Goddard

Born and raised in northern British Columbia, Canada, Elena began songwriting at a young age. Elena grew up on a cattle farm, was homeschooled, and learned classical piano at six years old - continuing on to competitions and festivals until she was fifteen. Elena thought she would be a famous piano player until she reached her teenage years and instead decided she would be a country singer. The only problem was, she didn’t sing.

Yeah - while she wrote her first song at ten years old and had filled books and journals with mediocre musical attempts, Elena hid her music creations from the world, convinced she was a terrible singer.

After getting into Berklee College of Music in 2013, Elena finally told people she wrote songs, and found tons of “actual” singers to perform her work. While completing an internship in New York City in 2015 (oh, at this point she was studying music-business and had decided to become a CEO of something), she became friends with some producers and artists who needed a songwriter. One dark and stormy evening, all the singers had gone home, so Elena recorded vocals for a demo that were meant to be re-recorded by an actual singer the next day. The producers were like, “wow, your voice is incredible and pretty weird and you’re a little pitchy but you should really consider singing your own songs.”

And after a highly-tumultuous summer, she finally did.

Elena wrote, sang, and recorded her first EP in 2016. Later that year she signed a management and recording deal. In 2017, Elena’s USA-visa expired and she had to return to Canada.

Her dad made her hay the fields all summer, and after the past two years of struggling in New York, she didn’t mind. Finally in early 2018, Elena had written hundreds and hundreds of songs and the record deal was going nowhere, so she bought a one-way ticket to New York and spent her last $400 on a lawyer to get her out of the contract. Immediately she began recording her new music and wrote songs daily as an attempt to not face the fact that she was homeless and sleeping on her friends’ tiny couch and had to figure out how to get immigration papers on her own. Within a few months she received her USA visa, was able to legally hustle/work, finally got her own bed (for the first time in years), and was ready to start releasing all the music she’d been writing for the past half-year.

...and that’s as far as we’ve gotten in this story.

But the rest is gonna be pretty cool. I know it.