Eliane Delage

August 7th, 2023 6pm   Stage 1


Eliane Delage


Originally from São Paulo, Brasil, Eliane is a musician and educator based in NYC.

Eliane started her music studies at age of 10 and started playing professionally at age 17. She attended the Guitar Institute of Technology (I,G&T) in Sao Paulo, Brasil and the Musician's Institute (MI) in Hollywood, CA for audio recording, where she won a composition scholarship Yajio Taiso in 2003.

In 2007 Eliane was featured in the Daily News as one of “NY’s Guitar Heroes” due to her extensive work teaching kids and teens through the NYC Guitar School.

Eliane is the founder of the Eliane Delage Guitar Ensemble (EDGE) in 2013 and periodically takes her group performing around NYC.

Eliane Delage has recorded and released four albums, “Romance Selvagem” with brazilian singer Meco Filho, “Christmas on Brazilian Guitar” instrumental solo, “Hot Tea?” guitar duo with Marcela Penalva, and “Butterflies in the Winds of Change” guitar duo with Jackie Forzano. And several singles “All Guitars and Me”(2014), “Time After Time” featuring Jackie Forzano, “Christmas Time is Here” featuring Eliane Amherd and as a solo artist “Black, White, Brown, Red, Yellow and Magenta” and “I’m Feeling Good”.

In the past years Eliane had the honor to perform at Carnegie Hall as a featured artist with ACMA (Association of Classical Musicians and Artists), “Carmina Burana” original arrangement, 2019, “Loud as a Shout” original composition, 2022, and coming up “Aquarela do Brasil” original arrangement, Spring of 2024.

In July of 2023 Eliane has been published sharing her “west side story” to W 42nd St. magazine.