Eliza Spear

February 6th, 2023 8:30pm   Stage


Eliza Spear


Eliza Spear is a 23-year-old Alternative-Americana artist based out of Brooklyn. Spear spent the summer of 2021 on a cross-country tour she created and booked herself called "The 'Can I Play In Your Backyard?' Tour." This tour was in conjunction with a Kickstarter campaign she launched to raise funds for the creation of her debut album. In her innate ability to make every individual in the audience feel like the only person in the room, paired with her honest and profound songwriting, the campaign succeeded almost immediately.

Focused on the in-person experience, Spear spends her time busking to queue lines outside of venues, offering donuts to Central Park strollers in exchange for their listen to her music, and hosting intimate listening parties in bookstores and boutiques.
Spear started performing when she was 14 through walking into LA venues and telling them why she was the right person to be on their stages, and she’s since met every point of this business with the same tenacity. With a laser focus on keeping her career moving in a forward direction, Spear has set herself in a locked aim upwards, which is outstandingly clear through the strength of her debut album (December 2022).