Emily Danger

February 8th, 2020 11pm   Stage 1


Emily Danger

Emily Danger is a singer, song writer, and producer from Brooklyn, New York.

In addition to unique and beautiful music, her lyrics proclaim her message of feminism and artistic activism.

"V Magazine" recently celebrated Emily Danger as an indie music “Rebel” stating, “With her native ability and wholehearted 360 approach, Danger is in no risk of fading from the spotlight anytime soon.” Her EP “Peace Arch” was selected as one of "Death and Taxes"
top ten albums of 2014.

Emily Danger has been a staple of the New York music scene with her astounding live show featuring a host of electronics and Danger’s signature four octave range.

“Emily Danger is a total mind & body experience: from the beautifully projected art behind her to the cleverly intricate songs that are saying something important, something true, to the genuine quality of everyone in the group.” ("Pancakes & Whiskey").

Emily Danger uses powerful vocals, Ableton Live, drums, electronic and looping effects, with a Bjork meets Patti Smith stage presence to create the most unique music to be heard to date. “...she may be a queen in the world of dark cabaret rock, but she wants you feel safe inside her music—vulnerable enough to be yourself.” ("Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls").

"Death+Taxes" praised the latest EP “Peace Arch” saying, “Its a rare occasion an EP is mentioned as a candidate for ‘Album of the Year’...some might make the case that it was the best release of the year in any format.”

She has successfully toured across the U.S and Canada, played at SXSW, CMJ, CBGB festivals, and has been featured in BBC Music Video Festival and IMVF in Paris. She also plays keys in Dams of the West (Chris Thomson of Vampire Weekend).