Enrose, LA Creus

November 25th, 2022 7pm   Stage 2




Founded by saxophonist, singer/songwriter Gabi Rose, Enrose is an original alternative rock/R&B project, now with the goal of blending genres of an unlikely pairing starting with their most single, “Disease.”

Because of their love for 90’s and early 2000’s bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, No Doubt, and more, it makes perfect sense for this type of raw, dirty, emotionally-exposed rock sound to work its way into the Enrose repertoire at some point. Not to mention Gabi Rose’s viral video series, “Guitar Riffs, but on Sax” exploding with millions of views across TikTok, where she plays iconic guitar riffs on saxophone. Gabi also got reacquainted with her rock roots in 2022 by joining alternative rock/pop/metal band, Bilmuri, founded by Johnny Franck. Bilmuri recently featured Enrose on a song off their new album “Goblin Hours,” released on October 14, 2022.

Despite her love for rock, it was ultimately it was R&B that inspired Gabi to start this project in the first place- artists like Alicia Keys, Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, etc, which is what you will hear from the debut Enrose EP, "Wait, Create" released in April 2022.

Gabi started Enrose with her closest collaborators, Anthony Lopardo and Jake Navarro, with the hopes to collaborate and create something larger than herself. Gabi wants her music to encourage aspiring musicians to explore their own artistry, blur the lines of genres, and step out of the box of what’s “conventional.” With class, style, and soul, she strives to be a strong female leader with a powerful voice in music.

LA Creus


“Brilliant. Genuine. Wicked-talented. Take your pick.”
- Brianna Coccia, Long Island Sound Love

You can hear both power and heartache in her voice. The music of Laurie Anne Creus moves with the melodic and lyrical vulnerability of ballads yet grooves with the driving beat of funk and R&B.

"With each song that comes out it’s me betting on myself and proving that what I have to say matters," says Creus. "Growing up I didn’t see a lot of Filipino-American artists out there. But I realized if no one was going to be an example for me I have to do it myself.” - David Criblez, Newsday

Lyrically, her music encompasses themes of shattering an old self, letting go and an obsessive search for truth.

Her songs, “Nothing Lasts Forever (Anicca)” and “This Time” are available now on all streaming platforms.