Erez Aviram Ensemble

June 17th, 2022 10:30pm   Stage


Erez Aviram Ensemble

The Erez Aviram Ensemble returns for another round at Rockwood Music Hall!

Composer and Pianist Erez Aviram is developing a reputation as a unique arranger and orchestrator in the film industry. He brings his new ensemble, featuring eight masterful musicians to Rockwood Stage 3 to present newly composed music.

The ensemble plays a fusion of jazz, funk and folklore music, experimenting with unusual forms and versatile orchestration. With catchy melodies and unexpected turns at every performance, the ensemble's music comes across as intellectual and emotive.

Erez is best known for “Elegy”, a Hollywood Music in Media nominated orchestral piece, his work on the film “The Mossad” (United King Productions, Israel) and the Progressive Rock album “Overloading” (Fading Records, Italy), which received numerous positive reviews in magazines around the world. Erez was declared “a name to watch out for in the years to come” (Roger Trentwith, The Progressive Aspect, 2017).

Erez portfolio also includes solo albums and collaborations with Shwesmo, Angie Petty, The Budapest Scoring Orchestra and the Progressive Rock band “Anakdota".

The Ensemble:
Erez Aviram – piano
Gabe Terraciano – violin
Susan Mandel – cello
Justin Mullens – french horn
Jay Rattman – alto sax/flute
Skyler Hagner – bari sax
Marcelo Maccagnan – bass
Maxime Cholley - drums