EURO TRASH -a voyage into the Euro Hits of the 80s

October 12th, 2023 9pm   Stage 2


A Voyage To The Euro Hits Of The 80s

Swiss-born and New York-based guitarist, singer and songwriter ELIANE AMHERD has made a career out of touring the world, from Buenos Aires to Berlin, Bangkok to Beijing and anywhere in between. Creatively, her influences, a mixture of Jazz, Latin and Brazilian rhythms, inform Eliane’s stylish, sophisticated retro-pop sound. Her brand new project EUROTRASH breaks down the keyboard-soaked Euro hits of the 80s into surprising Arrangements with a loving dose of nostalgia.



80s videos are flickering on a wall in a NYC Deli. “That's my childhood!” Eliane says. “Oh, you mean Euro trash?” someone answers. "Euro trash! That is cheeky. But funny." She laughs. Admittedly, not all songs were classy. But the longer she slides down the YouTube rabbit hole, the more fascinating it gets: Level 42, Eros Ramazzotti, ABBA, AHA, Desireless, Spandau Ballet, Falco… Memories of first kisses on a souped-up motor cycle come to life. Neon-colored shoelaces, leg warmers, mullets, teenie disco. Eliane can't resist, picks up her guitar and breaks down the keyboard-soaked hits of the 80s. With her signature touch, of course, and a loving dose of nostalgia. Good times!