Ezekiel Healy

July 11th, 2022 7pm   Stage


Ezekiel Healy


National steel guitarist Zeke Healy has steadily evolved into one of the most interesting guitar players in the city since arriving here in the early 2000s. His high energy slide work was a driving force in the Boggs' early 2000s punk re-imaginings of Appalachian music and continues with his ongoing work with Morgan O'Kane. His solo playing makes it plain that his listening habits extend far beyond the folk/trad orbit, with modal drones and ornamentation reminiscent of Indian classical music often in the mix. He also plays in the duo Zeke and Karen, with violist Karen Waltuch.

TimeOut has been consistent for a decade with

“ Ace fingerpicker Ezekiel Healy (formerly of the Boggs) offers gorgeous avant-folk guitarwork.”