First Annual ‘Ring-in’ (90s/Y2k) Hosted by The Ring Woman

June 25th, 2022 5pm   Stage 2


First Annual ‘Ring-in’ (90s/Y2k) Hosted by The Ring Woman

The Ring Woman is hosting a night of your favorite feel-good tunes from the 90s/Y2k!
Grab your hairbrush, parachute pants, and butterfly clips - we’re singing your favorite throwbacks by Britney, Brandi, Shania, and many more. Featuring amazing performances by artists from NYC-LA. This will be a musical blast from the past!

About The Ring Woman: Julie Roros, aka The Ring Woman is a private jeweler specializing in Diamonds & Fine Jewelry. She is bringing her passion of jewelry and love of music together! All proceeds from this set will go to Jewelers for Children, which bridges the jewelry industry to help children in need.

So dress to impress X-tina or Sisco style and see you there! Doors open 4:30 pm, set begins at 5:00 pm .

For more information check out: Instagram: @theringwoman

Julie Roros
Adam Melchor
Kenny Ning
Ela Joshi
Jenn O’Hagan
Caroline Byrne
Paul Papapetrou
Aram Chekijian

& many more!