Fleur Geurl w/ Paddy

April 7th, 2023 7pm   Stage


Fleur Geurl

"Fleur Geurl, the stage name of Danielle McConaghy, is a singer-songwriter whose music resonates in a way that few others do. Her latest EP, Jupiter Return, takes the listener on a deeply introspective and emotionally charged journey. The tracks on Jupiter Return are beautifully crafted, with Fleur Geurl's writing and structure allowing the songs to breathe along an organic tempo that runs parallel to the emotions being conveyed. Collaborating with cellist Claire Allen, the cello takes on a prominent role, showcasing the magic of their musical partnership. Fleur Geurl's music is described as a "soft, atmospheric folk sound," and "lush in its imagery and composition." The EP is an ethereal delight that guides the listener through a coming of age journey that leaves one feeling emotionally fulfilled.


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Paddy McKiernan is a songwriter from South Carolina with a love of simple country songs, lofi bedroom pop, and heart breaking lyrics.
The recently relocated Brooklynite primarily fronts the band “Whitehall” and is expected to release his solo music this year. ”