April 8th, 2023 3pm   Stage 1


flezaDoza is a Brooklyn native singer-songwriter, producer and recording engineer who works with many artists. His infatuation with music began as a child. With a radio in hand, he absorbed the popular songs of the 70’s and 80’s. His father’s quarter inch reel to reel would be his introduction to recording.

In the late 90’s, he was performing shows regularly in New York City venues like The Bitter End and Arlene”s Grocery with his own band flezaDoza, which is a name he created by combining two random individual’s last names. By the mid 2000’s the band situation began to lose steam, but he kept the name as a pseudonym and has been a solo artist ever since.

Today, he is happily married with a son and working as a producer and recording engineer in his own studio (Brooklynnativestudio.com). He continues to perform, impressing his audiences by bringing his passionate songs, soaring vocals and spirited performance to the stage.