Flow Tribe

June 4th, 2022 10:45pm   Stage 2


Flow Tribe


Flow Tribe recently released their third full length studio album entitled "Loteria Cosmica" on Bubble Bath Records. The album's title translates to Cosmic Lottery or the great game of chance that is life. If any band has experienced the full spectrum of fortune and adversity it's the six Southern rascals in Flow Tribe.

Founded in 2004, the band solidified in the wake of Hurricane Katrina's destruction with the mission to bring the next generation of the New Orleans' sound of unstoppable rhythm and passion to the world. The next 15 years would find Flow Tribe performing over 120 shows a year crossing the country multiple times from the biggest festival stages to freak shows. These are six seasoned blue collar musicians who grind out the good times. They carry on the road dog tradition of following the highway to wherever the next crowd congregates.

The release of 2017's "BOSS", produced by legendary hip hop hit maker Mannie Fresh, gave Flow Tribe a critically acclaimed album that reached #58 on Billboard's R&B Chart. Recording "BOSS" convinced the band of the necessity to build their own studio and establish a hub for creativity for the New Orleans' music community The fruits of their labor are evident in their latest album "Loteria Cosmica". Recorded at Flow Tribe's Downman Sounds Studio, the album shows Flow Tribe writing, engineering, and producing an album completely by their own hands. The tracks themselves reflect the diversity of sound that inspires these lifelong musical journeymen. From the straight up the gut rock of "Grown Man Fall' to the country twang of "Rub a Little Dirt (In Your Heart)" the album unites stylistically different songs around the central themes of love, loss, and the search for meaning in an unpredictable cosmos.

Over the past 15 years Flow Tribe grew up on the road. Each show compacted another strata of experience into the band's uncanny resilience and longevity. "Loteria Cosmica" demonstrates Flow Tribe in full maturation at the height of their creativity. A career of triumphs and hard knocks animates a sound described as "bizarrely irresistible" by Relix Magazine. "Loteria Cosmica" invites the listener to embrace the karmic dance. Especially when life steps on your toes.