Gavon Mitchell & Zoe Firn

May 11th, 2023 11pm   Stage 1


Gavon Mitchell


Singing and playing piano from a young age, indie folk/rock singer-songwriter Gavon Mitchell developed his musical ear early. After studying opera in NYC for two years, he left to pursue his solo music career. Being raised on a slew of genres, from Iron Maiden, to Cusco, to Doc Watson, Gavon has an eclectic style of songwriting. His passion and study of music and theory grants his songs a unique sense of harmony, rhythm, and overall musicality. A love of nature and curiosity into the human consciousness is showcased in his lyricism, often exploring the duality between the world outside ourselves, and the one that exists within. His lyrics go from raw and relatable, to etherial and pondering.

Zoe Firn


Zoe Firn is a self-taught guitarist and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. Zoe incorporates nature into her work, often based on her scientific research and field work in the U.S. and abroad. Zoe credits open mic nights and DIY artist spaces throughout the U.S. and South America for introducing her to inspiring musicians, and she enjoys collaborating, often recording and performing with fellow artists.