Glob and Friends

October 3rd, 2021 9pm   Stage


Current New York City guidelines may restrict access to this event. Please visit our COVID-19 Information page for the most updated information regarding vaccine, testing, and mask requirements.


NYC based guitarist, bassist, composer and electronic musician, Glob has been blending and bending genres since the age of 12. After receiving a degree in jazz performance from Arizona State University, Glob set out east and landed in NYC. Ever since then Glob has been conjuring up a plethora of releases ranging from electronic to jazz, all self released via Bandcamp. 

Now once again Glob assembles his closest allies at Rockwood to create an immersive mangled mess of bouncy banjo strums, swingin saxophone serenades and electronic bleeps and bloops. Glob seeks to utilize sound and space to cast audiences far and wide into the realm of unorthodox and unexpected soundscapes where genre, timbre and form collide.