June 22nd, 2023 10pm   Stage 1


In 2023, patrons of pop GLOSSER return to cast their neon glow on the world with a new album - DOWNER. Born from beyond the comfort zone, Riley Fanning and Corbin Sheehan elevate their shimmering aesthetics into a gleaming new form.

Forged by musical intimacy of two in Washington DC, GLOSSER has developed a pop sound that stands on the shoulders of greats. The pair (led by Fanning’s voice and mind), sought to condense their lighter-than-air sound into something worthy of the dance floor. Inspired by the likes of Phantogram, Lorde and Beach House, the new record combines worlds, creating a dreamscape injected with visceral truth.
After their first release (2021’s self-titled EP), Fanning and Sheehan wanted to do something different. They wrote together, and although doing so with no exact direction, Fanning built her craft as a singer songwriter. Forming in DC (with a quick detour to a Baltimore apartment basement), GLOSSER wrote the record. They then traveled to Philadelphia, where they would record and fully realize DOWNER.

Through this project, the pair has reformed. From the groovy dance track “Disco Girls," to the emotionally honest ballad “Pendulum,” Fanning became the storyteller. Taking the listener through moments of her life with Sheehan as the translator, they produced something unique and genuine. With DOWNER, GLOSSER offers a new challenge and reward - a more immediately gratifying pop experience that redefines who they are and what they’re capable of.