Hilltop W/ Gourd

October 31st, 2023 7pm   Stage 2



Hilltop is a four piece jam band from Albany, NY. Over the past five years they’ve made a name for themselves with carefully crafted originals, mind bending improvisation & fun, diverse covers. Each member offers a proficient, unique approach to their instrument that defines the musical experience. This band of young musicians is eager to spread their music and will continue to engage crowds wherever they go.



Gourd is a 3 piece jam band from Yonkers, NY. Formed in the Summer of 2022, the band consists of Christopher Gamba (Bass/Vox), Spencer Parsons (Guitar/Vox), and Brendan McHugh (Drums). Their main focus is playing live shows consisting of original music as well as complex improvisations that delve into dynamic musical ideas and motifs. A new setlist is curated for every performance to make each show its own unique and memorable experience. Gourd invites you to explore their catalog on SoundCloud & Archive, we can’t wait to see you on Halloween at Stage 2!