Grace Bergere

January 27th, 2022 11pm   Stage


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Grace Bergere


Songstress Grace Bergere brings you fiery tales of love, loss, and redemption. Honing her craft on the streets and in the clubs of the East Village, this native New Yorker has drawn comparison to fellow wayward souls such as Elliott Smith and P.J. Harvey. The intensity and ache in her voice reflect the darkness in her heart. The breadth of experience Bergere has packed into her twenty-six years is the result of an intense and tangled life. As a songwriter, she's no fragile flower, but like most great artists, she is always vulnerable, yet defiant in her uniqueness. With work on her debut LP completed, Bergere has several collaborations in the works and is currently composing soundtracks for live burlesque and theatrical events around the city.

"When I first heard Grace the hair on my arms stood up and I was frozen in time, held captive by the deep quality, grit and painful beauty of her voice. I could tell right away that it came from a real place and I was immediately captivated by her haunting, delicate music and her ability to relate it in a wholly unpretentious way." - Ezra Arrow Kire