Granite to Glass

June 4th, 2020 8:30pm   Stage 3


Granite to Glass

Brooklyn-based indie-folk chamber ensemble Granite to Glass strives to envelop each audience in positive introspection with which to heal and reflect.

For several years, singer songwriter Jon Kohen performed as a solo act based in Lowell, MA, self-releasing electro-acoustic works such as The Heart of the Machine and Dead Reckoning. In 2016, Kohen joined forces with a string ensemble to record his acoustic project Curse the Darkness, Or Create a Light. Inspired by the emotional power of this collaboration, Kohen formed Granite to Glass in essence with his newfound artistic direction of weaving intricate strings into his arresting music.

Granite to Glass’ debut LP For When You Need This features an orchestra and choir of over 50 performing artists from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, New England Conservatory, and Greater Boston area. Imperfect Fifth described the music video behind With Every Rainfall (Track#5) as "a vivid masterpiece from the beginning, playing with color and contrast, emphasizing small moments in a relationship."

Shortly after the LP’s release, Kohen moved to Brooklyn, NY, and invited Jen Ho (violin) and Gavin Hsu (cello) to relaunch Granite to Glass with the addition of King of Nowhere frontman Jesse French, jazz multi-instrumentalist Neal Rosenthal, and percussionist Sam Parsons to comprise the 6-piece ensemble. "A Light | Dusk", the group's latest cinematic single, was recorded in NYC Chinatown's Church of the Transfiguration with a single binaural microphone. Mitch Mosk of Atwood Magazine describes the single: "…absolutely transcendent. The ensemble offer deep insights and thought-provoking ideas through a soothing lens that allows us to ponder big life questions without the stress or weight they otherwise entail."

A self-titled LP, self-recorded in their cozy basement studio, is set for release Autumn 2020.