Hannah Cranton

September 8th, 2022 6pm   Stage 1


Hannah Cranton


New York City based singer-songwriter, Hannah Cranton "...is real. She's real to you, your imaginations in love and tribulations...she is captivating with spearing lyrics she has sharpened through the forging of life experiences. Expressive lyrics like Hannah's relegates everything to second class." (Come Here Floyd) with an ability to span genres while still maintaining a cohesive sound, Hannah has, "captivated crowds with her transfixing voice and eclectic words." (The Noise)

Her recent release 'Daffodils' has been described as, "touching and full of sincere emotion" (Various Small Flames) "a world away from self promotion and attention seeking and taking us back to an easier way of living. Easy to be taken by this folk love letter..." (mp3hugger)

Hannah is interested in a number of creative mediums. She enjoys combining her visual art and amateur stop motion skills with her music projects as much as possible.