Hannah Everingham

November 27th, 2023 10pm   Stage 1


Hannah Everingham


Hannah Everingham is a New Zealand singer-songwriter & artist.

An enigmatic performer and vociferous writer, she melds together the dramatic intensity of her gothic hometown by the sea with her own south pacific blues, described by under the radar as “feeling beamed out of a timeless sonic realm”.

In late 2022, she shared her debut album Between Bodies, an 8-track offering of love and separation, an exploration of the distance between earth and sky, and the place that we inhabit together, between bodies.

The release of her debut album soon saw Hannah touring New Zealand, headlining shows across the country while also opening for the likes of Tiny Ruins, Erny Belle, & Ebony Lamb among others. This November, Everingham is based in Brooklyn, New York, while preparing for the release of her sophomore album Siempre Tiene Flores, due out in early 2024.