Harrison Ash

December 1st, 2022 9:30pm   Stage 2


Harrison Ash


Harrison Ash has the kind of voice that catches attention, and the kind of music that keeps it.

For this Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, music has always been his primary focus. If Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig were to cross paths with early work from Phoenix, the vibes of Spoon, and a dash of vocals from the Arctic Monkeys, it might paint a picture of Harrison Ash’s sound.

With his most recent single, “In the Mood,” released October 14th, Harrison has kicked off a new era. The first in a collection of songs he began writing in January of 2020, “In the Mood” was inspired by real-life experiences — “The song is about really wanting to like someone, but just not being interested,” he explains. “It’s flirty, it’s sly, it’s coy and playful.”

His upcoming project required narrowing down the over 75 songs that had been written to just ten. Recorded partially in Studio G in Brooklyn and Silent Partner in Philadelphia, his latest music is produced by Nick Krill (The War on Drugs, Dr. Dog, Generationals) and includes touches from names like Zach Jones (Elle King, Sting) and Russ Flynn (X Ambassadors).

Embracing this time of returning to live shows, the indie-pop rock guitarist and vocalist is ready to continue connecting with audiences in person, and his forthcoming record is the proper introduction he’s been working towards. Full of romance, introspection, and self-analysis, “In the Mood” and the new music to come show that Ash is the kind of self-aware writer and artist who can create a body of work that’s as comforting as it is sonically cohesive.