May 23rd, 2023 7pm   Stage



Hawthorne is an NYC-based Indie-Americana band formed by the singer-songwriter duo Nat Osborn and Aimee Bayles.

The first time Osborn and Bayles sang together was on a break during a double shift at the Harlem restaurant where they both worked. They were floored by the instant musical connection and a unique ability to anticipate the other’s phrasing while improvising harmonies.

Drawing inspiration from modern acts like Dawes + Glen Hansard, as well as classic folk artists such as Simon and Garfunkel, Patty Griffin, and CSNY they got to work amassing a repertoire of original Folk/Americana songs that covered everything from heartbreak, to... well… more heartbreak (kidding there’s plenty of songs about alcoholism and depression too). They even wrote some upbeat fun songs too… about impending heartbreak.