Helena Hallberg

April 9th, 2023 7pm   Stage


Helena Hallberg

Born to Swedish parents in Zurich, Switzerland, Helena Hallberg’s background is as distinct as her musical style.

Using elements of Folk, Jazz and current musical trends, she seeks connection with her listener through stories centered around mental health, female empowerment and multiculturalism.

A trained jazz vocalist, Hallberg soon found her love for American folk music and instruments based in the tradition. Rarely seen without her Appalachian dulcimer Henrietta, she brings the instrument into the 21st century by weaving her catchy melodies into the musical fabric of her songs.

Winner of the 2020 Indie International Songwriting contest, Hallberg’s writing has proved itself as unmistakable and universal.

“I know some people have millions of streams on Spotify, but I’ve convinced at least 6 people to buy a dulcimer, so that’s pretty good in my book” she says with a cheeky grin on her TikTok page, which she’s dedicated to doing just that.

Hallberg’s debut album is set for release in 2023, and it’s likely to be a doozy. Taking inspiration from iconic artists like ABBA and Joni Mitchell, the album takes on the ambitious endeavor of connecting nostalgic sounds from the 70s with today’s popular production elements.