February 15th, 2020 11:45pm   Stage



The Swedish Pianist Povel Widestrand, the Danish Bass Player Mathias Højgaard Jensen and the German/Nigerian Drummer Lukas Akintaya frst met in 2013 due to their studies at the Jazz-Institute Berlin (JIB). Immediately they decided to unite their musical paths and formed the HOLON Trio.

Playing in the Trio is musically one of the most important things to the three young upcoming musicians. In that very intimate atmosphere they have the possibility to create their own microcosm with the colors of their very unique musical voices and bring the music they love to the listeners. The whole repertoire consists of original Compositions of the three and every single one is marked by the individual style of the composer. Through their distinct individualism and the will to create beauty the HOLON Trio creates a homogeneous and unique sound, which probably is its most remarkable feature.

Sometimes fragile then adventurous the three outstanding musicians experiment with each other and create the music that they want to share with the world. In doing so they emerge a magic that is worth to experience. The young Trio from Berlin is just at the beginning of a promising future.

The HOLON Trio was awarded at the European Young Artists' Jazz Award Burghausen in 2015 and released its debut record "Holon" in spring 2016.