Home State x Yellsmiles

January 28th, 2020 8pm   Stage 2


Home State

Home State was formed in 2015 by long-time friends Matt Gralla and David Berliner. The two have been writing music and playing in bands since meeting in Philadelphia in 2008.

The band found early success with their acclaimed first single “Without Your Love,” released in March 2017, which was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and United States Viral 50 chart.

With a steady stream of single releases and performances at venues from the iconic Brooklyn Bowl to The Surf Lodge in Montauk, Home State is establishing themselves as a rising New York act to watch.


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Yellsmiles is an American singer/songwriter. From a young age she started singing, painting and writing poetry. Yellsmiles has always connected her visual art to her music. "Music has always been something i see in my head, like a scene from a movie, a piece of my life, every song is a story. I want my listeners to see and feel it.. see theirs in it too, cause good music does that.. uniting people and making them feel understood is really important to me.” Yellsmiles met Producer Brett Ettinger in late 2015 and have since been creating a sound all their own. Yellsmiles's sultry sweet tone is easily recieved with Ettingers dreamy guitar melodies and introspective beats, creating a fresh pop sound. Yellsmiles debut album "Crystal Tokyo" is to be soon to be released.