Hot Grandpa Band

April 9th, 2023 8pm   Stage 2


Hot Grandpa Band

Hot Grandpa is the band and musical moniker of Manhattan-based artist Daniel Babin. The name is a mission statement. To synthesize and merge that which cannot be combined. To distill the most innovative textures, harmony, and structure from the modern musical landscape into something pure, organic, and heartfelt.

April will mark the release of their first studio album, Hot Grandpa. The work was born of beautiful, warm, summer evenings on a Brooklyn rooftop with co-writer and creative Kevin Bowen. The musical and emotional foundation created by Kevin and Daniel is imbued with energy through virtuosic violin performances by Kevin Schwarzwald. The album would not be the same without incredible voice work and thoughtful creative input from Theresa Sawi and Julia Biedry.

With a wide range of influences from the sensitive, soulful sounds of Jacob Collier, Punch Brothers, and Bon Iver, to the hard-hitting rhythms of the Death Grips, Hiatus Kaiyote, and Incubus, Hot Grandpa is well-poised to innovate acoustic music as a genre.