January 10th, 2020 8pm   Stage 1



Ivamae is a singer-songwriter based in the queen city of Burlington, Vermont. Self-described as ambient indie-soul, ivamae pulls together her diverse musical interests to shape a sound that's uniquely her own.

With influences of classic country, folk, and pop through her childhood, ivamae later found an obsession with Soul, R&B, and Hip-hop through her radio show "Baby Makin' Music" on her local college radio station. Her growth and curiousity into more experimental sounds has led her create lush atmospheres at her live performances.

Almost entirely self-taught, ivamae is not afraid of the heaviness that comes with life and love and uses her music to convey a raw vulnerability. With smoldering vocals, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wiping tears from your cheeks and at the same time grooving to the soulful rhythms that ground her songs.

She is currently recording her first full-length album, to be released when she damn well pleases. But expect a couple singles and some buzz before 2018 is through.