Jack Martin's B*b Dylan Deathwatch

October 22nd, 2023 8pm   Stage 2


Jack Martin's B*b Dylan Deathwatch


"Nous avons foi au poison. Nous savons donner notre vie tout entière tous les jours. Voici le temps des Assassins."

"A campesino is in from the country, waiting for a bus: linen pants, sandals made from a tire, a wide sombrero, a machete at his belt. Another man is also waiting, ...dressed in a suit, looking at his wrist watch, muttering angrily. The campesino whips out his machete and cuts the man’s head clean off. He later told police: “He was giving me looks and finally I could not contain myself.” when the campesino misinterpreted his action, and the next thing a head rolls in the gutter, grimacing and showing gold teeth."

Jack Martin - Vocals / Guitar
Rebecca Quinn Robertson - Vocals
Jude Webre - Bass
Eric Read - Drums