Jack Mogi & The After Party

August 12th, 2023 8pm   Stage 1


Jack Mogi & The After Party

Jack Mogi & The After Party is the creative vehicle of singer-songwriter and frontman Jackson Perrin. The project began development in late 2020, when Perrin began writing songs through a tableau of different fictional characters and expressing his take on both world events and his own tumultuous mental health.

In the summer of '21 their debut EP Songs To Consider For Your Apocalypse Playlist released alongside a sold-out show at Mercury Lounge, NYC. Their upcoming EP Love, Am I Right? will release August 12th, with their debut album to follow in Spring '24.

The project’s sound and live performances are best described as glam pop, but with influences from a wide spectrum of genre and style thanks to the project’s large and diverse collective of artists, such as J. J. Alleyne, Kevan Jr, Alzena, Carl Culley, Lex Nordlinger, Dave Fugel, Mariana Makwaia, Jen Giammanco, Mikiya Ito, Nick Stetina, Matthew Soares, and Billy Cohen.