Jacklyn Krutz

May 21st, 2023 6pm   Stage 1



Jacklyn Rose is a solo act born from both her roots and her wings. She grew up in Kaukauna, Wisconsin and found her voice in theater, numerous choral groups, and endless hours of music consumption from a myriad of genres.

Later, on a dreamer's whim, Jacklyn bought a one-way ticket to Seattle, Washington in 2012 and traversed the Pacific Northwest for a decade, finding herself deeply heartbroken, but also deeply embedded in the gospel music scene as part of a selective church choir. It was within this group that she rediscovered her gift for music, but perhaps more importantly, her trademark defiance against life's bitterest tests. Jacklyn is currently back in the Midwest with her son, Ezra, reconnecting with her roots and fine-tuning her musical acumen as she prepares to release her original music.

Taking a page from her childhood idols such as Martina McBride and Shania Twain, to her adolescent icons like Gavin DeGraw and Mahalia Jackson, to her current catalogue of musicians such as Kenyon Dixon, H.E.R., Tori Kelly, and so many more, Jacklyn's music certainly genre-bends; listeners will hear R&B (and its subgenre neo-soul) with touches of folk, pop, gospel, and more. Like the genres, her songs are a blend of heartfelt and fiery. One thing is known when Jacklyn Rose steps up to a mic: her voice will soar, the room will fall quiet, and she will lay all bare.