Jenner Fox

September 13th, 2022 7pm   Stage 2


Jenner Fox


There is something that happens inside a good song. A tootsie roll can take you back to your elementary school playground; a list of baby names becomes a prayer; the voice of a toothless refrigerator man reminds you to say “I love you.” Jenner Fox tells the stories of people and places with unparalleled compassion and respect. His artful tone, poetry, and fluency on his guitar do something only the brave ones do: let us in.

Jenner comes from a family of river guides. He followed the family river trade and recorded his debut album to make some extra money selling CDs on the boat ramp after rafting trips. Five albums later, a decade of cutting his teeth on the river and road, Jenner is a storyteller, a peanut butter purist, a cargo bike advocate, a Pacific NorthWesterner, and that rare kind of songwriter with the ability to, “Gather up what we see as common as crab apples and polish them into shiny orbs. To give himself and let us see ourselves.” – Sheridan Press.