Jessica Woodlee

July 2nd, 2023 9pm   Stage 1


Jessica Woodlee


Jessica Woodlee is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and arranger who has amassed a major reputation with her bold approach to pop. Jessica combines modern pop lyricism and synths with hints of classic blues-and-rock-infused instrumentation to create a fresh yet familiar sound that’s all her own. She channels her high emotional sensitivity and life experiences into catchy hooks, unique metaphors and storytelling.

Jessica has been honing her sound in the studio for years. A childhood of listening to the greats like Carole King, Hendrix, Clapton and Ella largely inspired her debut EP “Karma” released in 2017. Since then, Jessica has become enamored with modern pop writers such as Maggie Rogers, Maisie Peters and Taylor Swift. As Jessica matured, she’s come to experience the highs and lows of the young adult experience. Her songs, such as “High School” and “T.O.M.L.”, center on the realities of growing up, societal expectations and mental health. Jessica’s honest and empathetic lyrics have connected with hundreds of thousands of listeners, making us all feel a little less alone.

Jessica brings that connection with her fans to life on stage. Jessica’s live performance is carefully created to give her fans the ultimate experience with intimate moments, sing-along choruses all supported by a killer band. First conquering an audience in local coffee shops, Jessica has consistently played venues in the northeast, becoming an integral part of the underground college scene today. Jessica’s prowess hasn’t gone without notice, garnering over 14k followers across social media and 600k+ streams on DSPs. Named one of Atwood Magazine’s “50 Artists to Watch in 2023” it’s clear Jessica has just begun to take the world by storm