Joana Carvalhas

July 25th, 2022 7pm   Stage


Joana Carvalhas

Joana constantly explores new musical styles and new concepts in order to approach innovative sounds and textures on the violin. More than a violinist, she describes herself as a whole musician using the violin to express and enjoy her music.

Despite her classical music education, Joana also started to develop her improvisation and jazz skills and even a solo unique project where she plays with loop and effect pedals. During her musical career she already performed in jazz concerts (combo, big band), classical style concerts (solo, chamber music, recitals, orchestra), metal festivals, circus shows, fashion events, ...

Recently she has been performing in jazz concerts, solo concerts (where she uses some loop and effect pedals to create new sounds on the violin), in cinema festivals - Músicos do Silêncio -, in piano duo concerts - Duo Grappelli -, at free improvisation performances or even other solo projects.