Joe McLeod

February 13th, 2023 7pm   Stage


Joe McLeod


A gifted songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Joe McLeod brings his stories to life in vivid detail, using his evocative voice to explore everything from love and loss to the natural beauty of his native Canada. Since emerging with his beloved debut single ‘Walk Me Home’ in 2019, he has become a main stay on the country’s indie folk scene, endearing himself to an ever-growing legion of fans with his passionate, high-energy performances. 

Born in the small town of Keswick, Ontario, Joe spent his early days building an audience in Kingston Ontario, before settling in Toronto to pursue a music career. He quickly built up an impressive discography, proving himself a worthy torchbearer for Canada’s rich songwriting legacy. Within a few short years, he was opening for global acts while earning a reputation as a must-see performer.

Joe’s most recent album ‘Cloud Berries In Alaska’ is a moving meditation on hope, loss, and survival in the time of COVID. Written in the months following his father’s passing, it addresses the stark realities of our time while retaining the grace, humor, and optimism that have come to define Joe’s career. ‘Cloud Berries In Alaska’ is a major artistic leap forward for a truly unique artist with a vital story to tell.