Joseph King

February 20th, 2020 9pm   Stage 1


Celebrating Rockwood Music Hall’s 15-Year Anniversary!

Joseph King

Joseph King and the Mad Crush is an indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York, and is comprised of bass player and singer John Paul Frank, drummer Will Whatley, and singer and guitar player Joseph King. They’re also friends.

After 8 releases and years of touring with his first two projects, Canvas (Austin, TX) and Deadbeat Darling (New York, NY), Joseph released his first solo album, “Wanderlusting” in 2014 - a stripped down acoustic driven collection of surfy pop tunes. His follow up EP, “I Miss Everything”, dropped in February 2017 and is a fully realized manifestation of Joseph’s unique songwriting and musical style - sincere and sometimes quirky pop songs with straight forward indie rock edge, surf rock undertones, and late 60’s throwback pop sensibilities. Currently, the trio is back in the studio working on new music, set to be released as a series of singles throughout late 2018, and will be moving forward under the moniker MAD CRUSH.

"Joseph is a great pop songwriter who focuses on the here and now in New York... He thrives on doing what he does best and leaving it at that. He crafts catchy pop songs with effective, simple arrangements... And I gotta say, he really nails it." ~ Johnny Zachman, doNYC

"Joseph King's solo album "Wanderlusting" is a stripped down, lo-fi affair with a vintage feel to it. This little step towards minimalism serves to highlight Joseph's passion and charm as a songwriter in a big way." ~ Loris Lowe, DJ KGSR and KLBJ (Austin, TX)

“A raw, powerful voice that combines the warmth, grit and passion of Jeff Buckley and a young Rod Stewart.”