Just Fabulous

March 9th, 2020 10pm   Stage 1


Just Fabulous

The band started when Keith and Bernstein decided to get together over some beers and jam to some classic garage rock. After putting together a few songs that would later become the bands first EP entitled Don't You Know?, they brought in vocalist Xandra to sit in on a session. Her theatrical style and soaring vocals immediately gave the songs their identity and she joined the band fulltime, inspiring the name and the logo of the band Just Fabulous.

Then, in a chance encounter at an East Village dive bar, they met Anna who joined the band to play bass. With the quartet now in place, they began playing at New York venues such as The Delancy, Pianos, The Deep End, Cobra Club, Our Wicked Lady, C'mon Everybody and The Bitter End. After several great shows, Just Fabulous recorded their first 4 song EP at Thunderdome Studio with Duane Lauginiger and mastered by Ryan Schwabe, entitled Don't You Know.

Shortly after, Anna moved from New York so the band asked Alanna to join up and play bass. Her high energy and Memphis blues musical background was a perfect fit for the band, picking up where they left off. With several new songs added to their repertoire Just Fabulous is doing what they love most, playing live shows while also planning to record an upcoming new single and B side as well as a full length LP at the end of the year. Be sure to follow Just Fabulous on instagram, Facebook, as well as this official band website for show and music release info. You can find their music on Spotify, Shazam and itunes.