October 20th, 2022 7pm   Stage



I’ve been singing and performing my whole life in front of anyone who would listen. In grade school, I starred in multiple school musicals and started singing in a local choir which carried through high school and even into college (fun fact, on holidays, you may STILL see me singing in the local church choir).

In college, I tried to walk away from music, pursuing a more practical career…but that did not last. I loved piano, but I was in a forced triple with VERY limited space. I googled, “tiny string instruments” and found a cute (and cheap) soprano ukulele. I promptly ordered and checked our campus mail room multiple times a day before it arrived. I immediately picked up chords and started writing song after song. I then started performing on campus and at local open mics on the main line and in the Philly area.

After graduating, I came to NY to pursue music. I continued to perform at every open mic I could, sometimes into the wee hours of the night. I got in touch with a producer on Long Island through a mutual friend who was awesome and taught me a TON about the production process.

During the pandemic, when performing was shut down, I started working with my current producer, Joey Auch. We just clicked. Did several songs together and make some SERIOUS music magic. I rebranded as KATH from my full name and released my first single, “Can I Show You Crazy Yet” in 2021. I followed the tune with my chart topping single, “How To Touch A Lady” which has over 15k listens on Spotify. I’m currently living and performing in New York and continuing to make sweet music magic with Joey from his studio in Brooklyn. Come out and see a show or give me a follow on Instagram and Spotify!