Kathy Zimmer

January 22nd, 2020 8:30pm   Stage


Kathy Zimmer

As Americana-UK says, Kathy Zimmer “effectively pulls off the trick of sounding warmly familiar and yet entirely new, blending musical genres and layering instrumentation to create sumptuous songs.” Equipped with beautiful storytelling and an enchanting voice, NYC-based singer-songwriter Kathy Zimmer blurs the lines between folk and pop music, delivering her style of music that she describes as “cosmopolitan folk”. She has been named the “latter day Joan Baez” by Rock n’ Reel Magazine.

A native of rural Nebraska, Zimmer honed her unique and powerful singing voice at the Cleveland Institute of Music, where she obtained a master’s degree in music. Upon graduating, she moved to NYC and absorbed the sights and sounds of the city while simultaneously telling her story and the stories of the people she encountered through song. The Roots Music Report has said, “At various turns enchanting, haunting and soothing—and at times a bit of all of these—Ms. Zimmer’s sophisticated song crafting never fails to charm.” Americana-UK says, “It is a measure of Zimmer’s bravery and quality as a lyricist that she tackles real-life tales so well.”

Kathy Zimmer has released several recordings to acclaim in the US and Europe, and has sold her albums at Rough Trade Records in Brooklyn and London. She performs often solo and with her band.