Keepsake House Presents Linguistics

September 15th, 2022 7pm   Stage


Keepsake House is the listening room that takes you behind closed doors with independent artists. Founded in spring 2021 by Jasmine Jang and Hailey Savage, Keepsake was built with the mission to bring something special to both artists and fans: a safe, supportive space not only to share the art itself, but to inspire storytelling and nurture meaningful artist-audience connection. Through roundtable-style concerts and a focus on conversation about our artists’ works, Keepsake House hopes to leave listeners with a deeper love for and understanding of the art made: a keepsake to hold onto.

Explore the language of music and the music of language in this newly themed Keepsake House show, with performances in Korean from Keepsake Artist in Residence Sarah Kang, Thai from Napat Snidvongs, and Tamil from Rini. These bilingual musicians will meet in the round for a seminar on the songwriting process. Join us as we study lyrical composition and celebrate immigrant histories in a show that strives to illustrate how music is a language that’s universal.

Sarah Kang


Sarah Kang is a Korean-American jazz/soul/R&B singer/songwriter based in New York City. Born in South Korea and raised in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas, her music, much like her life experiences, crosses the borders of genre. Her inspiration comes from artists like Crush, Bruno Major, and H.E.R.; however, her earnest voice paired with soul sensibilities and thoughtful songwriting create a sound that is all her own. Her hope is that her music can encourage listeners to ask important questions and provide safe, cozy spaces to rest. Sarah’s debut full-length album, “how i remember,” will be released this October.

Napat Snidvongs


Napat Snidvongs is a Thai singer/songwriter who currently resides in New York City.
Napat mixes Thai storytelling traditions of magical realism and Buddhist folktales with the independent music sound that he discovered while studying at an American high school in the late ‘90s. He released music through a Bangkok independent label, So::on DryFlower Records, and his compositions have been featured in many television commercials and Thai blockbuster films.



New Jersey based, Chennai born singer, composer and violinist Harini “Rini” Raghavan creates her own version of Indian electronica drawing from her formal training in Indian Classical music and work at Berklee to bring together sounds and music of her birthplace in India and her home in the US. An experienced performer and recording artist, she has recorded and performed with Grammy winning composers A.R.Rahman, Bill Whelan and the renowned Israeli Singer-Songwriter Idan Raichel, headlining prestigious festivals and venues in US and India, including Boston Symphony Hall, Lincoln Center, Beacon Theatre and the United Nations General Assembly. Rini has released music worldwide to critical acclaim, including a feature in Rolling Stone India, New York Music Daily, Republic of Jazz and World Music Central. Rini also tours with acts like Bollywood Boulevard and American Patchwork Quartet and is one of the composers, along with Andrew Orkin, for the popular Netflix show 'The Fame Game' starring Bollywood icon Madhuri Dixit.