Kelly Jane

May 29th, 2022 9pm   Stage 3


Kelly Jane


As a musician and songwriter, Kelly Jane examines the fraught nature of what it means to be human. Brimming with emotion and candor, her songs invite us on a journey into an inner sanctum, through the most vulnerable elements of herself, and quietly demand reverence toward a past to which we can’t help but feel connected.

Originally hailing from the pine-dusted foothills of central California, Jane draws on her wide-ranging experience, from folk band front-woman to classical vocalist, to imbue her music with a certain sonic catharsis. Grappling with themes of mental illness, broken relationships and substance abuse, Jane’s raw, powerfully honest voice implores us to listen deeply and open the parts of ourselves that keep difficult truths hidden away.

Kelly Jane self-released her solo EP, A Vaccine in 2018. Her sophomore EP, Lost Time, which she both produced and engineered, comes out May 6th. Written during the height of pandemic lockdown, Lost Time is a confession of sorts—a deeply honest account of how it feels to struggle with depression while also trying to hold onto hope.