Keren Abreu

January 21st, 2020 8:15pm   Stage 2


Keren Abreu

Keren Abreu is a dynamic singer-songwriter born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Her R&B/soul music is infused with various aspects of her upbringing, including but not limited to her Afro-Dominican background, the many years she spent in church, and her love of jazz and musical theater. Keren has sung opera, musical theater, and college a cappella before stumbling upon her current passion for R&B/Soul. She’s performed at Harlem’s Silvana, The Bowery Electric, and other storied New York venues.

Previous groups include the Shades of Yale, an a cappella group dedicated to singing music of the African Diaspora and the African American tradition, Whim ‘n Rhythm, Yale’s all-women, all-senior vocal ensemble, the Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus, and several student bands including A Streetcar Named Funk, A.Squared, and Slam Dank, an R&B/pop group she started. With these varied ensembles, Keren has sung for audiences such as President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Grammy award-winning ensemble Sweet Honey in the Rock. She also opened for English singer-songwriter Jessie J at Yale’s 2015 Spring Fling.

After completing a small tour in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Keren returned to Brooklyn, where she’s been working on her debut EP to be released this summer.