Keyboard Dog, Geskle, Dalton Moon

July 6th, 2022 10pm   Stage 2


Keyboard Dog


From a homely street in Boston across from a Whole Foods, the quilt of indie folk-pop-rock sewn together by Keyboard Dog is familiar yet refreshing. The project is about as home-grown as it gets - the music is recorded, produced, and mixed by frontman Steve Kurz in his apartment, and he draws on the talents of close friends to supplement other pivotal parts of the creative process: instruments he can’t play, album art, mastering, and so on.

Citing influence from the likes of Field Medic, Big Thief, Snail Mail, and Bon Iver, Keyboard Dog has stepped into the indie scene as a product of its contemporaries. "Amsterdam", the premier single from his upcoming EP, is a folksy traveling song that embraces both melancholy and optimism. Take a listen wherever you enjoy music!



Geskle is the songwriting project of twenty year old Jesse Golliher. Geskle is best known for his dreamy and melancholic soundscapes, combined with hard hitting honest lyrics. During his early teen years he lived in Spring City, TN with no internet access and taught himself how to play guitar out of sheer boredom. After moving to Worcester, Massachusetts, and playing in high school bands for several years, Geskle put out his first ep Rose Colored Glasses, which has since garnered more than five-million streams total, along with the song So She Goes hitting indie viral status thanks to Geskle’s presence on TikTok. After a long year of silence, Geskle returned with Half of It, a single that he crafted along with his new friend and co-producer/writer Matias Soto Allende. Together they delivered the same dreamy elements that were heavily characterized in Rose Colored Glasses, but with a higher emphasis on elements akin to more earthy indie rock. Jesse and Matias are keeping this sound through their next release Strife and Everything Bothersome with Half of It being the first single."

Dalton Moon