Kiki Kramer with Denmark

April 28th, 2023 10pm   Stage


Kiki Kramer

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Kiki Kramer is an NYC-based singer-songwriter whose indie-pop sound serves as a continuation within the genre “hollywood sadcore,” coined by Lana Del Rey in a 2012 interview. Inspired by artists like Marina, Lily Allen, No Doubt, and Melanie Martinez, Kiki’s brutally honest, comedically dark, and often satirical lyrics bring to light the flaws of her own generation: Generation Z, or iGen.



Denmark is an NYC-based indie rock band that combines elements of grunge, funk, and pop. Created by four lifelong friends - all with an extracurricular love for songwriting - Denmark wants nothing more than to participate in the great energy exchange of live music. Featuring Frankie Fowlkes and David Reichberg on vocals and guitar, Ben Denmark on drums, and Yotam Rodriguez on bass.