Kimaya Diggs

October 12th, 2023 10pm   Stage 1


Kimaya Diggs


KIMAYA DIGGS is a musician and writer, born and based in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts. The sounds of her childhood included Emily Dickinson, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, and 70’s soul. A fourth-generation artist, Kimaya grew up singing with her sisters, and found her voice across the facets of neo-soul, jazz, and R&B. She’s crafted a genre-defying style that celebrates the power and dexterity of her voice. Slippery and acrobatic at times, earthy and urgency-filled at others, her voice has been called “smoothly captivating” by the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Her songwriting beautifully captures the spectrum of her vocal range, and the singular control she has over her instrument.

Her releases include Breastfed (2018) and One More Holiday (2021), and singles How Am I Sposta Know (2018), They Can Say What They Like (A-Side B-Side Records 2021), and Cranes in the Sky (2022).

Her second LP, Quincy, will be out March 2023.