Kyle Micho

January 26th, 2020 6pm   Stage 1


Kyle Micho

Born in London on September 15, 1938, Kyle Micho enjoyed two years of a happy childhood before the Blitz forced him to flee to Siberia. Freezing and irritated, Kyle hitchhiked to New York City, where he befriended beatniks “Marinara” Mike Joncas and Nate Pizza. One day, Mike found a piano in an unlocked apartment, and that evening, thinking it could be fun to try music, the trio formed the group Kiwi Lime Squeeze; one hour later, they were signed to major label MacDougall Records.

A week of intensive touring with Renny & the Simones rapidly built their fanbase, and in days, they were global superstars. Seeking to capitalize on the band’s sudden, unexpected rise to international fame, MacDougall demanded thirty studio albums in 1960. Nate and Mike immediately quit the band, citing their lack of interest in music.

Pivoting, MacDougall signed Kyle to a one-record trial deal as a solo artist. Determined not to blow it, Kyle spent the next 58 years perfecting his debut album, She Is a Song, in a tiny log cabin in the Himalayas. When he returned to MacDougall with the finished album in 2018, no one at the label had any clue who he was, so he released the record independently. It was never promoted, and was heard by virtually nobody; discouraged, Kyle briefly retired from music.

The next day, he collab-ed with talented Taurus Mollie Edsell on her single, Virgo.

In 2019, KLS reunited (minus Mike and Nate) to record their confusing cult hit, A Cat Named Paul. ~ Ren E, Roni