July 15th, 2022 10:30pm   Stage




A “pop caress”, as defined by Rolling Stone. Larissa flows between the organicity of MPB, electronic pop and their own experimentalisms. Writing in Portuguese, Spanish or English, they move with delicacy and strength in the deep immersion of their dedication to music.

Having already stepped on stages such as Ronnie Scott’s in London, SummerStage in New York or Solís Theater in Montevideo, the composer, singer and music producer is one of the exponents of new Brazilian contemporary music.

Born in Franca - province of São Paulo and with Italian roots, they studied several instruments from an early age, which gave them versatility to be a side musician for different projects over the years - from samba and chorinho, funk and traditional brazilian rhythms until flamenco or experimental electronic music.

Taking a step towards a solo career, Labaq released "Voa" (2016 - VOA Music), which today gathers more than 4 million streams on Spotify and was their gateway to an international career. In 2019 released the album Lux (Omnichord Records / Raso Estúdio / VOA Music), followed by comparisons to Bon Iver or Camille and the attempt of Spanish critics to define it as "somewhere between Björk and Caetano". The single DÓIDÓIDÓI (2022-Omnichord Records / Raso Estúdio / VOA Music) breaks the silence of a few years and resets the artist in the attention of their loyal audience.

Larissa have performed in 19 countries, accounting for hundreds of shows between America and Europe in the last 10 years, appearing at festivals such as Fusion Festival (Germany), Sound Isidro (Spain), Womex (EUR) and SXSW (USA), with a performance that ranges from intimacy and finesse to fury, antagonisms and dynamics that make it hard to categorize their music in only one box.

Based in Portugal since 2020, studied Music Production at Arda Academy. They sign the musical and artistic direction and the music production of their projects, earning free rein to the throbbing creative soul and putting together collaborations with artists of different nationalities.

In 2022 they join the Fado Bicha trio, as a side musician and collaborator.