Late Guest at the Party, Sea Section

January 10th, 2023 8pm   Stage 2


Late Guest at the Party


Perfecting a blend of American 90s Dance/House Music and Euro Disco since 2017, producer/drummer Renzo Mazzotti, bassist Gabriele Grassia, and vocalist Beth Hansen make up Late Guest at the Party.
Originally formed in Rimini, Italy, the band released two LPs prior to Beth’s arrival when they met in New York. This marked the creation of a new sound and gave an opportunity to explore new territories in music and composition.

The first single with Beth on vocals was the dance-driven song “Give you a life” released in 2017.

On their latest EP Classic, Late Guest at the Party continues to showcase the 90s mix of US House music and European disco/pop. Major influences on the EP are Chicago House, especially for the rhythm section, and French Touch on melodies. With remixes from Honey Davenport, Erik Vilar, and Drew G, the EP will have everything to keep a party going.

Sea Section


Sea Section is a Brooklyn-based band including singer-songwriter and pianist Lucie Vítková, guitarist Teerapat Parnmongkol, bassist Mae May and drummer Nick Neuburg. The original songs have a broad range of expression and include genres such as rock, progressive rock, opera, and avant-garde pop. The title of Sea Section has a triple meaning, which is reflected in the songs as well: the openness of the ocean, the urgency of surgery, and the section C as a formal part of each song. 

The author of the songs and founder of the band, Lucie Vítková, moved to New York six years ago from the Czech Republic and is a vibrant figure in the New York experimental music scene, similarly to the rest of the band members. This new project shows another direction in their work as musicians and improvisers.

They have just released their first single, The Struggle to Play the Words (Sept 2022), which is about the layers of language (English, Czech, and Thai), the immigrant struggle, and the necessity of having to express oneself in words to be able to exist in society.