Lauren Marcus - Live from Rockwood Music Hall

January 31st, 2021 8pm   Stage 2


Live From Rockwood Music Hall shows take place from Stage 2 at Rockwood Music Hall, with 100% of the audience viewing from the comfort of their own home.

Other than the digital nature of this event, treat it as any other concert! These livestreams will be presented with 1080p HD multi-camera video, and soundboard-quality audio piped directly into your speakers (or headphones).

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Tickets are $15 – please note the flexible pricing, and tipping options for venue and/or artist(s) within the stream.

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Lauren Marcus

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Lauren Marcus is a singer-songwriter and actor living and performing in New York City. She likes to call her music retro-pop-with-a-touch-of-country, but doesn't mind if you call it whatever you want.
 Lauren started performing her original music live in Glasgow, Scotland while studying abroad. She began with open mics and a bright red ukulele, and over the past several years has graduated to playing some of the most acclaimed venues in NYC, including a residency at Rockwood Music Hall. That red uke is somewhere in her parents' basement, but nowadays she's onstage with a party of 12. 
 Lauren is an alumnus of the Johnny Mercer Foundation Songwriters Project, and released her debut EP, Never Really Done With You, in July 2016. 
 She holds a Bachelor of Music from New York University and Master of Arts from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.