Lauren Marcus (Residency Show)

November 12th, 2023 7pm   Stage 2


Lauren Marcus

"Her voice and style are unmistakable, her stage presence and emotions irrepressible, her talent and personality irresistible." - DCMetroArts

"Take all the female rock stars you have known and loved and roll them up into one. Take, for instance, Linda Ronstadt's soul, Tina Turner's sexiness, Pat Benatar's grit, Debbie Harry's defiance, and all of the Go-Go's playfulness, mix and bake at 350, then frost with a five-inch thick layer of The Icing of Originality, and you've got Lauren Marcus." - BroadwayWorld

Acclaimed retro-pop singer/songwriter Lauren Marcus and her illustrious band of New York City musicians return to Rockwood Music Hall for their second residency. A set of wholly original tunes inspired by the effervescent melody of 1960s pop, the lyrical poetry of 1970s troubadours, and the electric edge of contemporary indie rock, Lauren's sound is at once a throwback and completely forward-thinking. Well-known to theater audiences uptown (Broadway's Be More Chill, Barrington Stage Company's Company), Lauren and her band are ready to head back downtown for their first Rockwood gigs since a mid-pandemic livestream in January.