Lauren Mian

May 19th, 2023 8pm   Stage 1


Lauren Mian

Lauren is an alternative folk singer-songwriter from New York. She is primarily a vocalist, as well as guitarist, and pianist. She is trained in contemporary vocal performance but has years of experience in classical training, jazz, and musical theatre as well.

As a writer, she shares about her own experiences in life, love, and all else, through the lenses of both cynicism and endearment. Lauren’s musical style and inspiration come from a range of genres and artists - primarily from the late 1900s folk, pop and rock eras. Her goal as an artist is to bridge the gap between old sounds, with modern edge and relevancy.

Lauren recently released her debut single, “Love Comes On Time”, and is working towards her first complete album. With this, Lauren is an active content creator on social media, and performs in various venues throughout New York, all while currently studying at The New School’s College of Performing Arts in the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, to pursue a degree in the Vocal Performance program, with a concentration in Singer-Songwriting.